Moving house today means a lot more than just moving your furniture from one address to another. There are a lot of tasks to consider, from finding your new home and packing, to storage solutions, relocation insurance and pet or vehicle transport.

The domestic relocation service includes:

- Loading process (packing, listing for inventory and labeling)
- Insurance (insurance of your valuable goods)
- Moving process (moving people and the entire house or office)
- Unloading (unpacking, assembly and checking the status of the items after the trip)

benefits :

  • Unlimited household/ office items: With a full package of domestic relocation service, you will not have to worry about the quantity of the items which are supported by the service. However huge the quantity is, it will be carefully packed and wrapped.

  • The safety is assured 100%: All of your items and belongings are remained safe; the moving process will go smoothly and rapidly thanks to the scientific plan has been prepared before moving.

  • Shortest time: The moving process is taken place in the a period of time as short as possible. This will help your do not have any interruption in your daily life. In other way, this also helps your work more effective.

  • Affordable price: With series of services including in the full package domestic relocation service, the cost you have to pay is very affordable and suitable. Compare to what you got, the money you paid is worth it.

  • Insurance for loss: If there are any problems during the moving process, especially there is any loss or damaged things due to the responsibility of the service providers, you will be compensated equally to the value of the goods.

    Step 1: The company sends a staff to your place to make a survey, then, give you a quotation in advance.

    Step 2: We give customer a contract. If you agree, the contract will be signed.

    Step 3: We start the moving process. All your items and belongings are carefully packed and wrapped.

    Step 4: We drive to the new location.

    Step 5: We unload all the items and rearrange as they are before (if you request).

    Step 6: We finish the process of your relocation and listen to the feedback of customer.